Welcome to Maltese Acres!

Are you currently looking to add a Maltese puppy to your home? Maltese Acres is a small, home-based Maltese breeding program that was started back in 2001 by Jim McKown to provide dog-lovers with Maltese puppies. Whether you want to purchase a show-quality Maltese puppy to compete in ACA-registered events or you are interested in adding to your family with a new Maltese pup, we offer Maltese pups to residents in Texas, as well as Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

At Maltese Acres, quality, temperament, beauty, and health are our main concerns when it comes to our Maltese puppies. Our goal is to improve upon these qualities when breeding Maltese puppies so that we delivery happy and healthy dogs for our customers. Many of our clients have entered our show-quality Maltese puppies into ACA-registered events in the past, while others have chosen to just enjoy the company of our Maltese lap dogs as family pets. Regardless of the life you have planned for the Maltese puppy you purchase from Maltese Acres, we want you to be satisfied. Join the family of happy Maltese puppy owners in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana when you purchase a dog from us.

All of the Maltese puppies bred at Maltese Acres are welcomed into a clean and loving environment from birth. Many of our pups are show-quality, with full, rich coats and a clean bill of health. Our dogs have competed and won ACA-registered events, so if you’re looking for a show dog, you’ll find it with us. Our Maltese puppies also come with a written health guarantee so that you won’t have to worry about your new family pets coming down with any life-threatening diseases when you purchase one of our dogs. From the moment you choose a pup from our selection of available puppies to the moment your new Maltese joins your family, you’re sure to love a dog from Maltese Acres.

If you’re looking to add a Maltese puppy to your family in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana, call us at 972-984-0773 today to learn more.